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Solenoid Valve
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Solenoid Valve
4V 100&4A 100
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Model 4V110-M5 4V120-M5 4V130C-M5 4V130E-M5 4V130P-M5 4V110-06 4V120-06 4V130C-06 4V130E-06 4V130P-06
4A110-M5 4A120-M5 4A130C-M5 4A130E-M5 4A130P-M5 4A110-06 4A120-06 4A130C-06 4A130E-06 4A130P-06
Position and way NO. 5/2 way 5/3 way 5/2 way 5/3 way
Effective area 10mm2(CV=0.56) 7mm2(CV=0.40) 12mm2(CV=0.67) 9mm2(CV=0.5)
Model 3V110-M5 3V120-M5 3A110-M5 3A120-M5 3V110-06 3V120-06 3A110-06 3A120-06
Position and way NO. 3/2 way 3/2 way
Effective area 10mm2(CV=0.56) 12mm2(CV=0.67)
Port size Air inlet=Air outlet=Exhaust=M5*0.8 Air inlet=Air outlet=Exhaust=G1/1″
Fluid 40 micron filtered air
Operation Inside pilot type
Operating pressure 0.15~0.8MPa
Max. proof pressure 1.2MPa
Temperature 5~50oC
Allowable voltage ±10% of rated voltage
Power consumption AC:2.5VA DC:2.5W
Coil insulation & protection grade Class F.IP65
Electrical entry Lead wire or connector
Highest action frequency 5 cycle/second
Shortest excitation time 0.05 second


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